About Us


Paid Down is a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation, based in Los Angeles, CA. The company was re-branded from ADN/ACR – a highly successful, consumer friendly financial service provider from 2002 to 2004 and reborn as Paid Down in March 2016.

Our vision leverages today's newest technology and brings a unique set of services and solutions to consumers that are currently struggling to pay their debt on time or are being overburdened by high interest rates from their creditors. Paid Down encompasses a unique and comprehensive set of proprietary tools and solutions that create an innovative approach to analyzing and managing consumer debt.

The company is backed by a seasoned management team with deep domain experience in consumer related financial services. Our goal is to provide consumers with the most efficient and effective debt reduction and management services available anywhere.


Peter Adler Settlement Operations

Experienced entrepreneur for more than 19 years, Peter is a proven leader and expert in consumer focused financial services including mortgage banking, debt negotiation, credit repair and non-traditional asset based financing. Peter founded and operated Today’s Mortgage, American Debt Negotiation and American Credit Repair, which provided finance, credit repair and debt negotiation services within the United States.

Shri Karunakaran Technology

Shrikesh is an expert in data architecture, analytics, data science and predictive modeling. Mr. Karunakaran has over 25 years of experience building custom data and analytics solutions used to effectively predict consumer behavior, enhance customer acquisition and optimize consumption and retention rates. Shrikesh specializes in architecting robust and scalable enterprise wide solutions and driving a data-driven approach to gather better insights into marketing and customer behavior analysis.

Patrick Gildea Prepaid and Finance

Mr. Gildea is experienced in all aspects of sourcing, structuring, execution, and diligence related to capital raise, joint venture, partnering, licensing and M&A. Patrick’s expertise covers corporate finance, strategy and development with deep domain experience in digital media, loyalty, consumer payments and prepaid. Patrick’s first startup led to a +$100M exit. He helped grow his second startup – BHN, from $1Bn to $5Bn in revenue in 2 years.

Matthew Hearn Compliance & Government Liaison

Mr. Hearn is well known as a seasoned compliance and best practices expert within the Debt Settlement Industry. Matt has 20+ years of business operational improvement, compliance management and enterprise sales training experience to his credit. Matt has worked with several of the largest and most elite debt negotiation companies in the United States, providing them with his critical expertise and performance optimization skills.